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  • National Museum of Australia identity
    Client: National Museum of Australia
    Designed at: Generation Alliance
    A celebration of Australian social history, the National Museum of Australia (NMA) explores the land, nation and people of Australia. It does so in a unique way by revealing the stories of ordinary and extraordinary Australians, promoting the exploration of knowledge and ideas. 

    In conjunction with their 10th anniversary in 2011, NMA engaged Gen.a to create a new brand identity to reflect the Museum’s recently revised vision, positioning and strategic direction. With the challenge of how to change perceptions of the NMA as a place of discovery, not just of learning, our goal was to develop a new identity that encapsulated the essence of NMA as ‘a place that celebrates our people and culture of storytellers’.  
    The result was an identity that connects the themes of storytelling, sharing and celebrating with a speech bubble mark that serves as an invitation to be part of the story 
by continuing the conversation about Australia’s people, history and future. The identity was designed to directly connect NMA with the people whose stories populate it and those who visit. In short, it reflected a place ‘where 
our stories live’. 

    To support this new identity, Gen.a was also commissioned to undertake a photo shoot for the Museum’s marketing campaign and promotional collateral, including their website. Building on the invitation to ‘join the conversation’, the photo shoot focused on using real Australian people interacting with each other and having a conversation.

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