National Maritime Museum Identity

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    Identity Design Brief - National Maritime Museum
    This was an identity project whilst in Uni. I wanted to do some sort of British Museum or Institution and I chose this Museum in particular. Today thanks to SomeOne, this Museum is part of the Royal Museums Greenwich. My idea was based around a simple graphic that is friendly enough for everyone to understand instantly. 
    The subtlety of the idea (reading n m m) is what makes everything work well together. The wave graphic helped me to use the identity at all the different touchpoints. I tried to use relevant imagery in all circumstances; the address shows where the Museum is anchored or where visitors need to navigate to to visit. The security guards are there for protection - just like a buoy on the side of a boat and the crew member is there for safety. 
    Once you've bought something from the gift shop, you 'set-sail' back home with your purchase. And the nautical flags work as directional signs. 
    The idea behind the flag was quite a simple one; a blue straight line can turn into the logo once it catches wind and starts to move. Definitely my favourite project in my final year, especially with all the comments I got on Creative Review. I was lucky!