National Defense Park 国防乐园 Chengdu, China.

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    This park is an "amusement park" dedicated to the chinese national defense. It's a showcase of missiles, tanks, torpedo boats, artillery, radars, vehicles, aircrafts, helicopters, rockets, and other weapons and other military equipement. Build in 1998 with an investment of 200 Million RMB (+/-20 M €) this park has never been successful. In 2001 the amount of visitors started to seriously declined and the park slowly began to deteriorate.

    420 FACTORY TO 24 CITY

    Most of the weapons that you can see in this park were assembled and/or equipped with engine  manufactured by a company called Chengdu engine (groupe) Co. Ldt. CHENGFA better known under the name of "Factory 420"  it was one of the secret military project launched by Mao in 1958. The factory at its peak employed over 30.000 workers. In 1985 the business slowed-down and finally closed the doors in 2001. the closure of Factory 420 was lived as a tragedy by the workers. that left a heavy legacy in the population of chengdu and a huge amount of unemployed people. In 2005 the the factory and the land have been sold to China resource land limited (chengdu) for 2.2 Billion RMB (+/-220 M. €) and build a huge luxury complex called "24 City"

    As proud as a tear.

    Today, people have mixed feelings. they are divided between the pride of having participated in one of the biggest entreprise in the history of china, the sadness of a bygone era and abandonment, left out on the economic upturn. 
  • The famous Chendgu-JIAN 7 used by a lot of countries as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar...etc.