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My entry for the National Calendar Awards
This is my entry for the 'National Calendar Awards 2013'
I am proud to say I was awarded a 'Highly Commended' certificate for my entry.
Here is my Design Rational:
The client I chose to design the calendar for is ‘FACT’ (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), an art gallery and cinema based in Liverpool.
I decided to concentrate on the cinema side of ‘FACT’ but take the gallery visitors into consideration when producing my artwork.
‘FACT’ has a reputation for being quirky and for doing things differently – attributes which the calendar must reflect.
Each month of the calendar is displayed using minimal design which advertises a movie being released in that month.
The calendar is designed to be hung up so the layout becomes a long rectangle which is utilised in the artwork.
Each design runs through the top and bottom pages in various ways,
in order for this to be done each sheet of ticket card would be duplex printed – the bottom of one month will have the top of the next on the back of it but upside down. 
I have used a thick black board for my front and back cover so that the top of the calendar can take the weight of the bottom when hanging up.
The calendar would be hung using a picture hook; the reason for this is that it is simple and would not detract from the calendar itself.
The front cover has the ‘FACT’ logo cut out of it with an orange page beneath it to complete the logo.
The calendar itself is made up of 300gsm ticket card for two reasons:
1.    The weight of the ticket card will reinforce the front cover with taking the weight of the bottom of the calendar
2.    It has a beautifully smooth matte finish which compliments matte ink perfectly to produce a visually stunning outcome with gorgeous tactility.