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  • NationWide Primary Healthcare Services
    NationWide is a chain of primary healthcare clinics whose appeal lies in its personal approach towards treatment and its patients. A believer in the value of the well-loved and trusted family doctor, 
    NationWide required an identity that captured the essence of this tradition.

    We created a visual identity that united two symbols of compassion and medical care, a heart and a cross.
    This identity was key in reflecting the warmth and sincerity that NationWide believes in. The rebranding brought a personal and endearing touch, which the healthcare industry generally lacks.

    Patients who visited NationWide found the new identity charming and hospitable. The environment we crafted created a feeling of ease and homeliness that is absent in many healthcare units. The word-of-mouth approval convinced a greater number of patients to opt for NationWide's services, who were more willing and 
    comfortable during visits and consultations. In addition, the morale of the employees also saw a marked rise.
    Chief Executive Officer: Kartik Iyer
    Chief Creative Officer: Praveen Das
    Designer: Bob Surrao
    Illustrators: Shreshta Jaisingh, Divya Rani
    Copywriters: Shahid Mekhri, Ganesh Selvaraj
    Account Supervisor: Shilpa Colluru
    Account Executive: Veenu Chandani