• First place award on Dimueble 2013 national furniture competition, México.
  • Concept
    When a person transmits his/her work with his/her hands it’s very difficult to make the same movement twice, even trying the most specific recreation of the same action turns into something impossible but not necessarily frustrating.
    A handcraft is one of this unique movements, can only be done once. It´s possible to repeat a process but the result will always be different, that’s what makes it so special.
    That’s the reason why I tried to implement the palm webbing technic on the “Nasa” chair; by this traditional handcraft, every part of this chair was made for the delight of the user.
  • Construction
    This natural fibers are flexible but when weave they become strong enough to hold a person and comfortable for anyone to use; that’s what I want this chair´s message to be, to awake curiosity on the user, sit and feel. 
    Another aspect of this chair is it´s natural materials that makes it 100% sustainable. Its organic shape goes by hand with the ergonomics of a human being´s anatomy.  
  • Materials
    -Ash Wood  40%
    -Palm           60%
  • Mission
    I believe we need to turn back and use our roots, traditions and handcraft skills in order to create new shapes and stories that represents us; it’s our identity and we must be proud of it.
  • In collaboration with FSG Furniture Mexico and Ceferino, palm webbing handcraft man.
    Photos by Kaleb J Cardenas Z & Andres Solis