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Create a narrative starting from a random photograph

Create a narrative starting from a random photograph
I started my narrative with a photograph of a lonely chair. It instantly reminded me of elderly people. Old people are too alone at home. They come to the park to have company and to be surrounded with other people. If you think they have given up on life, you need to cross their eyes to notice their desire to live.
These pictures were taken in the hydepark - London, where I had the chance to talk to some old persons.
" The old folks don't talk much
And they talk so slowly when they do
They are rich, they are poor, their illusions are gone
They share one heart for two" Les vieux ne parlent plus ou alors seulement parfois du bout des yeux. Même riches ils sont pauvres, ils n'ont plus d'illusions et n'ont qu'un cœur pour deux "

Les vieux, Jacques Brel
Really love these old people on their bench, rethinking the world ...