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  • My Grandad passed away when I was three years old and I have very little memory of him being alive, so whilst growing up I would often imagine all the things we would have done together. 

    Oftentimes these where completely imaginary and not in his character at all- based on what I have been told about him. But that didn't matter, my young creative brain imagined him building epic railway sets, making buildings out of matchsticks and above all, creating a full-size rocket in the back garden.

    So for my debut piece using my new Cintiq, I decided to illustrate this fantastical scene and for the first time pay my artistic respects to my Grandad. I hope you enjoy my faux-memory.
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  • These shores are soaked in blood- every square mile of this forsaken place is rotting with the corpses of countless unwitting souls.

    But it was not the ongoing Civil War, nor the Witchcraft trials, or even the ruthless famine that was the biggest slayer of our good men, women and children- it was something much darker. So grim, we dare not speak of it unless one wishes to be accused of witchcraftery. 

    However, a saviour has risen- they call him Plaguehed and he is here to kill the already dead…
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  • Like most kids, I was consumed by my imagination and my toys were the perfect vehicle to explore this. Unlike most kids, as I have grown older I have refused to ignore my imagination and I try to do everything I can to push it a little bit closer to its logical conclusion.
    The toys I now play with may be a lot more shiny and expensive but for me at the root of everything is that primal desire to create and tell stories.

    This piece was made for Depthcore's 'Roots' release.

    If you were wondering- that's a Supermarine Spitfire Mk II chasing a Focke Wolf FW190.
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  • This is a tale all too familiar in the 21st Century. Apparently, support groups have sprung up across the nation to help gamer widows cope with their abandonment. I'm too busy levelling up to confirm though. 
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  • *The codes on the wall above are the original Mortal Kombat cheat codes on the Sega Megadrive system. The style of that game had a big impact on me as a kid. "Get out over here!"
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