NakedPhilly - A real estate community for Philadelphia

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  • Naked Philly
    A real estate community blog and home search for Philadelphia 
  • Velora Studios designed the entire Naked Philly brand image, including the logo, Mr. Fox character, website, and a custom illustrated map of Philadelphia.

    The Naked Philly website has two primary functions: It acts as a blog for each of the neighborhoods in Philadelphia and it includes a unique real estate search where users can interact with an illustrated map to select geolocated neighborhoods and discover where they might want to purchase a house.

    The illustrated map shows users where each neighborhood starts and ends. Users can hover over neighborhoods on the map to see a popover with neighborhood stats such as average price, rent, square footage and the number of listings.

    More details listed under each image below.
  • Detail screenshot of the search interface and header on the Naked Philly homepage.
  • Map homepage view. Illustrated map laid over geolocated neighborhood boundaries for the neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Slider UI controls make it easy for users to browse listings in different neighborhoods.
  • Custom illustrated map, traced over a map of Philadelphia. Custom illustrated landmarks are scattered throughout the map. Each neighborhood is labeled so users can get a better idea of where one starts and ends. Users can click on a neighborhood to select it for search and hover over each neighborhood to view a popover with stats showing average price, rent, square footage and number of listings.
  • A home detail view. Displays photos, description, google maps location, additional listing details and a contact form.
  • The blog listing page. There are 25 sections each for a neighborhood in Philadelphia. Visitors can learn about the latest developments in each neighborhood of Philadelphia.¬†
  • The Naked Philly Mr. Fox character illustration. A fun fox who acts as the spokesperson for the Naked Philly brand.