Nakano in Spring (中野の春) mural

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  • Originally released in October 2009, "Nakano in Spring (中野の春)" is set outside the train station at Nakano in Tokyo. It describes a mysterious magical occurrence one fateful spring day, as a mysterious sakura tree erupts in the middle of the bus depot! As with many of our panoramics we are always tickled by odd and magical occurrences going mostly unnoticed by city dwellers. Some of them almost think they see something, a flash at the corner of their peripheral vision, a weird momentary wash of color in the sky, but then its gone again...
  • theAudience in Los Angeles chose this image to line the main hallway into their new office building.  We had the opportunity to see it printed over 40 feet long.  Typically when we create our panoramics they are only sold as prints, 3 feet long (signed poster), or 6 feet long (archival edition), and we are always a little sad that at either of those sizes people cant really appreciate the work we put into these images, so its always amazing to see them at presented on such a large scale.
  • Riffing off an old Sony Walkman ad Kozy remembered from her childhood (Only fair considering how they've ripped us off. Har har!)

  • The work debuted as a 10 foot wide print at the Giant Robot Biennale at the Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles on October 24th, 2009.  

  • As with all our panoramics, it was released as a poster sized (39 x 8 inch) offset print, a signed and numbered edition of 1200 that (like all our other panoramics to date) sold out completely.