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Brand Identity for Nailed it, LLC
Nailed it | Brand Identity
Branding, Visual Design
Nailed it, LLC is a residential real estate investment company whose core business is identifying, buying, rehabbing/remodeling and selling single family homes.  
Their target market is aimed towards homeowners motivated to sell their home quickly and Individuals that are interested in investing in real estate.
The concept behind the logo evolved from the company’s core functions which is summarized as the flipping of homes.  
I wanted to create a symmetrical symbol that represents equality, and at the same time represent the recycle process of rehabbing and remodeling of a home then putting it in the real estate market for future investors.
I decided to form an hexagon shape that symbolized the rooftop because I thought it would be interesting as it could resemble a honeycomb grid that can represent a colony suggesting the big open market for real estate. This was later explored to create the graphical pattern used in the stationery print design.
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