• Nada
    Nada isn’t just a brand for healthy food, but a brand that communicates through fashion, beauty, well being and body confidence. These core values reflect across the brands packaging and visual identity, through the use of minimalism contrasting with an array of bright and geometrical patterns. Minimalism has been applied to the lid of the packaging, which represent the products value of innocence, health and well being. The patterns that have been applied to the container symbolises fashion, beauty, the fusion of flavours and various pasta / noodle shapes. The gold foil adds luxury.
    The Nada brand is an adaptive and flexible identity which is built upon a bespoke typeface which instills and encompasses our brand aesthetic and brand manifesto. The typography consists of 8 individual typefaces which when used dynamically build an adaptive brand identity. The logo mark has a static variant, this acts as the primary logo mark. However the brand is built upon the logo changing across products ranges and product types. 
    The Nada brand also consists of distinct patterns which have been developed to reflect both differing pasta forms and flavours within the Nada product range. The patterns use both the colour palette and the typefaces as inspiration, abstractly reflecting pasta shapes and forms as well as flavours. In the essence they are geometric, simplistic, continous and inherently bold, colourful and playful.
    Product Manifesto
    The manifesto concentrates on several core values and principles, one of which is how food is at the heart of the product. Therefore through the use of strong visuals and art direction we organised a photo-shoot to put our concept in context. The images show food in its rawest form, which relates back to Nada’s core value of honest food. We aimed to produce a highly stylised set of images through sculpturing fruit and vegetables.
    Type Specimen
    Self initiated project by Eve Warren & Thomas Squire
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