NZ timber house... student style

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  • Construction 2011
    1:10 scaled model of a house

  • This was a group project (10 of us) where we had to construct a standard 3 bedroom timber house from scratch. We bought our timber from the hardware shop and began the enduring patient task of using the workshops to cut out the different components of the house (piles, joists, studs, bearers.etc). Was basically a mass producing session. Luckily since there was 10 of us, we could split the tasks up and had less to cover in completing the house.

    Since this was a construction paper, we were mainly focused on modelling the framing and structure of the house as opposed to the fit out and finishes. Some peers however went on in including cladding and emaculate detailing such as kitchen furniture and even building paper.

    Was hectic with a class of around 300 (30 ish groups) crammed into a workshop and all using the same machines to try cut our bits and bobs. Got quite stressful for lots, but thankfully my group was the first one to carry our model to the atrium (presentation area)!

  • Mattieu and I using the table saw to cut the piles of the house.
    (Please don't mind my low cut t-shirt and my teenage hair)

  • Riveted notches with the tablesaw to form the piles

  • House was built on a slope so we had to make several piles at different heights to accomodate this issue

  • Incredible amounts of wood! Organisation and neatness was key into not getting confused with different components

  • Half of the house currently resides in the corner of my room acting as a dust collector/model hanger collector bay? Hey it was either that or it would have been thrown in the bin!

  • Mattieu and I's section is located on the ground floor where it was 'stitched' up with our other group member's sections towards the end of the project.

    Our model was designed to be split down the middle so you could open it up, very much like a doll's house.
    The other half is living in another group member's place.