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Web page design for the New York Philharmonic.
New York Philharmonic 
The New York Philharmonic wanted to extend their brand’sreach by employing digital media. We developed a comprehensive digital strategythat included carrying their famous brand across several new concert series webpages and quarterly, online publications. By increasing their online influence,the New York Philharmonic became more relevant and accessible to a largeraudience.

The Three-Sixty campaign uses various types of media toraise awareness for important topics and events at the Philharmonic. Theinstallment, “The Theatrical Philharmonic,” reflected Music Director, AlanGilbert’s firm belief in the inherent theatricality of concert-going andexamined how the Philharmonic explores Visual Transformation, places Musiciansin New Contexts, accepts the challenge of Reimagining the Concert hall, andoffers programs in which Every Concert Tells a Story.