NTPC Noida, Wayfinding System

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  • Wayfinding System for NTPC, Noida
    Wayfinding and Signage System
  • NTPC (2010), India’s largest power company, was set up in 1975 to accelerate power development in India.
    Noida corporate office is for corporate contracts & materials,infrastructure support, engineering department. 
    The main type of workundertaken at the noida corporate office is planning, monitoring andgrant contracts and materials. Unlike any corporate office it has majorityof people engaged in managerial work, this group comprises themanagement of NTPC. To support the management there is a huge cadreof support staff engaged in filing, coordination and other official work.Apart form these two groups there is another group called facilitymanagement team. The facility management team is further divided intosmaller groups such as canteen staff, cleaners, security guards, plumbersand technicians.
    AIM OF THE PROJECT - Develop a master plan for the overall way finding system that includessigns that are informational, directional or that help people orientthemselves, and possibly signs that identify particular places within thepremises of the organization.
    It is a big project and complete information can be provided on request. 
  • Washroom Signboard for the lobby
  • Signage for halls and corridors           
  • Pictograms for Basic amenities like washrooms, hand wash and drinking water
  • Signage for lobby, directing about different blocks (Wings) inside the building       
  • Some Pictograms for other facilities in and outside the building.  
  • Sign For Senior Executive Desk ( With easy sliding individual rows for shifing )
  • For Exectutive Cubicles  ( With easy sliding row for shifing )