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Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is an ugly city that finds its beauty in the randomness of it.
An orbanic cage amidst all of this desert. 
A sad city controlled mainly by chaos and continuing self lie. 
The life of the young people here is a continuing effort to forget  - to forget Israel and all its problems and troubles. 
So, like a child does, they invent a romantic story - they insist on giving the uglinness around them a meaning. 
Because there's just too much of it around us. 
They are  trying to pretend that they can live a normal life -to pretend that everything is ok. 
Basically they are trying to pretend they are somewhere else.
A sort of escapism. 
Even when they are trying to change things - they are pretending. 
Go anywhere outside of  Tel Aviv and you will see the pessemism controlling all and you will understand the kind of bubble that this city is for it's young citizens. 
This kind of escapism is this city's beaty.  
But sadly - it doesnt always work and  they cannot forget.

This three pictures, with the girl lying on the empty streets of south Tel Aviv (the more ugly industrial side of the city - where sadly enough -most of the young people live. basically because it's cheaper. or less expansive to be exact), show the basic core of the life i just described. The sadness and the lonliness, the ugliness and the desperation, but also the beauty and the hope. This hope is born through the beauty of art - another self lie, but a noble one.