NOW FRESH by Petcurean
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Packaging & Complete Identity
NOW FRESH Packaging & Complete Brand Identity
Petcurean Pet Nutrition was founded in 1999 as a small start-up company, based on a unique concept that utilizes concentrated forms of meat and human grade ingredients to formulate a pet food that replicates what families enjoy at home every day. With excellent sales, a passionate mission and superior products, the product packaging was dated and had little to no differentiation between their two very different product lines.

When it came to examining the almost 100 SKUs of packaging in Petcurean’s most popular lines, NOW FRESH and GO!, it was critical to expand beyond the new corporate identity to connect the unique propositions and benefits of the products themselves with the consumers who purchase them. At present, both product lines were similar in design and substrate, and offered little distinction for the consumer.

NOW FRESH is so fresh, it’s like eating off the kitchen table (down girl!). NOW FRESH is packed full of 100% fresh turkey, salmon and duck, 100% fresh Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils, and wholesome berries, fruits and vegetables.

“It could only be fresher if you made it from scratch” truly sets this product apart, and the packaging expresses this through “Fresh Market” signage, burlap textures, and familiar produce labels. Soft, warm, natural and intrinsically connected to the notion of market freshness, the package informs the reader about the superior fresh ingredients and specific life-stage recipes.