NOVO 1969

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  • In our History of El Salvador class we were assigned to choose a month and a year between the 1950s and the 1970s and create a new cool and innovative newspaper that re-envisioned everything from the layout to the news articles and advertisements. 
    We chose 1969 because it was an amazing year not only for El Salvador but for the world as a whole. We chose july because two really big events happened in that month: the US won the space race and our country, El Salvador, got involved in a very brief but important war with a neighboring nation (Honduras). 
  • We chose the name NOVO (new) because we wanted to create a newspaper that got rid a lot of design paradigms found in most publications in 1969, and today for that matter. We wanted a newspaper that was very clean and fresh, with few but big and amazing photos and illustrations. 
  • These are some of the newspaper spreads. All of the layouts were designed by William Cruz.
  • Yellow Submarine advertisement designed by Erick Chévez
  • Illustration by Raquel Chávez
  • Illustration by Erick Chévez
  • Editorial illustration and PAN AM advertisement by Erick Chévez
  • DOLOFÍN advertisement by Erick Chévez
  • Photo edited by Erick Chévez
  • Layout and Dior advertisement by William Cruz. DESIGUAL advertisement by Javier Escobar.
  • Editorial illustration by Erick Chévez
  • Photo edited by Erick Chévez
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