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1969, re-envisioned.
In our History of El Salvador class we were assigned to choose a month and a year between the 1950s and the 1970s and create a new cool and innovative newspaper that re-envisioned everything from the layout to the news articles and advertisements. 
We chose 1969 because it was an amazing year not only for El Salvador but for the world as a whole. We chose july because two really big events happened in that month: the US won the space race and our country, El Salvador, got involved in a very brief but important war with a neighboring nation (Honduras). 
We chose the name NOVO (new) because we wanted to create a newspaper that got rid a lot of design paradigms found in most publications in 1969, and today for that matter. We wanted a newspaper that was very clean and fresh, with few but big and amazing photos and illustrations. 
These are some of the newspaper spreads. All of the layouts were designed by William Cruz.
Yellow Submarine advertisement designed by Erick Chévez
Illustration by Raquel Chávez
Illustration by Erick Chévez
Editorial illustration and PAN AM advertisement by Erick Chévez
DOLOFÍN advertisement by Erick Chévez
Photo edited by Erick Chévez
Layout and Dior advertisement by William Cruz. DESIGUAL advertisement by Javier Escobar.
Editorial illustration by Erick Chévez
Photo edited by Erick Chévez