Graphic Experiment using Photography
  • I recently started an article about Art for Art’s sake. This was mainly due to being stumped as a new creative and a philosophical need to find out weather the world of art [one in which i have falled head over heels for] had any substance beneath the surface. You see, I’ve never followed a ‘process’ with my work before. Ususally whilst basic premiss exists in my pieces I had completly differed to say Hirst in that it had no real intention.

    I wanted to try to work with process, meaning and intent to see if I could actually do it. I contacted a friend Alex Vallely and we decided to collaborate on a project. I was to take her photography and combine it to make something of my choosing. Sured on by my love for POP Art and Kalidescope images, I set about creating something ‘deeper than surface level’ and the results are above.

    The images are also inspired by a project called 'Under The Scope' by Niya Brock. Ive been in love with the series and am featuring it in my new Magazine. Check him out here (http://www.behance.net/gallery/Under-The-Scope/4184269 ) Another creative mind that needsssss exposure!

    The last images in the series were taken by Kyle Ross (http://mrkyleross.com), Kyle is one of my favourite Photographers.

    The piece is called Mesh, and is a compilation of images and text, rotated and angled to make something entirley new. The work is about me essentially. My path as an artist, as a person and as a designer.
    - Kahmarl Gordon
  •  Pre-Final Edit With Text Unaltered.
  • The Following Pictures Were Taken By Kyle Ross