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Branding & identity for a travelling baker
Branding and identity for a travelling baker: Nomás (Greek for nomad) is a craftsman of bread, who travels the world seeking out local delicacies and traditional recipes, remastering them into his own unique, artisan breads. A pop-up bakery opens for a short period of time in every city, town or village he visits. Naturally, the selection of breads greatly varies from one place to another and the language changes accordingly.
The logo is based on the shape of a household baking appliance, duplicated to create a labyrinth-like shape. Referencing a pilgrimage of sorts, the logo symbolises the many paths Nomás travels and the merging of multi-cultured recipes he creates.
A bit of a myth in his own right, Nomás appeals to those of curious mind and heart. Information about his next location is gradually spread via print and digital media almost like a treasure hunt. The location is revealed on a grid to create a map, while the localised bread menu is only available at the bakery.
Baked goods are available for purchase by the loaf in a styled cotton pouch, or in smaller portions (sliced breads / miniature buns) in a tailored paper box. The enigmatic design of the boxes makes a point of being prejudice-free when buying the product, as the design is only revealed once the box is empty.
Model: Philipp Carl | UK photo shoot Assistant Director: Ben Verona-Polski