NOKOR - Enchanted Kingdom

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  • Normally when we talk of Korea, what immediately comes to mind are K-pop and Psy, kimchi and Seoul, which are what South Korea is famous for. But sometimes, during abnormal times, we are reminded that there is another Korea that catches our attention. Geographically, it’s called North Korea, but its official name is Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and since its creation in 1948, has managed to become a pain in the arse for the rest of the world from time to time with its threat of nuclear war with its southern neighbor.

    Uno Magazine Guam commissioned me to do a propaganda themed illustration and design elements for their editorial section, June 2013 issue. The article is all about North Korea, its quirks, fun facts, fascination for nuclear weapons and its delusional grandeur. The illustration depicted the 3 generations of Kims as a god-like triumvirate overseeing the North Korean people.
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