N.Joy_Flow.Typo :. 2nd Gen

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  • N.Joy_Flow.Typo :. 2nd Gen

    2nd Generation of style.
  • Dear VKJK
    Piece for the "Tribute to VektorJunkie Event '2010
  • You're my TreeHouse
    Love letter in disguise
  • Buat Emak
    One of the piece thats featured on BabyBoss Magazine 12th Edition. ' 2010
  • GoodNight.Mellow

  • Ballads of the Nightmarian.
    Stop. Collaborate and listen_ piece with Anca Sangadji a.k.a Malona Huai

  • Soap.
    I'll let you decide for yourself on this one.
  • Yo.Hello.Mello
    Stop. Collaborate and listen_piece with Ivan Bliznak a.k.a FLIM
  • Stit.
    Been developing a character based on the whole typo style, trying to get something that would fit to the whole N.Joy_Flow.Typo style.
    and Voila, Stit was born. He's Half wiener..Half Breast..but ALL Fun.

  • Stitzophrenia
    First initial development of my new character. Stit , combining him with my typo style.
    Stit is err... Half wiener , Half Breast but all Fun.

    Look out for more Stit in action, Soon.
  • GG.
    One of those random thingy, sometimes i randomly made this stuff after a period of either bad mood or good.

  • Well, hope you enjoy em.
    I'll see you guys soon!

    FIK Loves youh.