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  • I'm happy to present my new artwork for Russian drift racer Ivan Illesh aka Der Vater, I was working on graphics fro his car Nissan Silva 200SX. He said to me that his car is really powerful inside, but outside was looking like rubbish... and if we had to made a unique colorful design that help his car  became on top of Russian Tuning Magazine "Тюнинг Автомобилей", and we did it well. Pattern consist from different elements, i was use some pinup girls to make it looks sexy, some details such a dices, clever leave, lucky numbers was made for luck, some signs of mine and also fev more of sponsors logos. You may be thinking that is a lot of stkcers (sticker bombing), but The pattern was printed on vynil and add by professional. Enough blah blah blah, enjoy my illustrations.