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Web app developed for Nike Netherlands
Summary:Working with the Nike Retail Group in the Netherlands, we developed a platformthat would entice all of their retail customers to participate in a 6-weekrunning challenge. The Challenge went out to over 85,000 employees, acrossEastern and Western Europe and was developed in 12 languages. Using the Nike+API, we tapped into their competitive spirit by developing varying types ofchallenges, allowing even the least likely to participate a chance at the“gold”. There were many levels of gamification including lottery style “scratchboards”, real-time leaderboards and social “atta boys” from some of the topNike athletes. We also developed a mobile site that allowed users to access keydata and tasks.
My Role:
- creative direction
- selling the ideas
- overall look and feel design
- logo and icon design
- user flow and experience
- game and platform design
- game mechanics and prizing strategy
- mobile site strategy
- consumer communication strategy