• Footwear design masterclass at theHybridation between Sprint and Badminton
  • The project consists of an hybridization between sprint and badminton shoes. Both sports have promises radically different and therefore complementary.
    Also I wanted to work on badminton shoes because product dedicated to this sport are not representative of the lightness and dynamism.
  • To do this I took various sources of inspiration:

    SPRINT-Blades sprint for the dynamism and longitudinal power,
    -Lace to create a lightweight and durable materials while keeping graphism.
    -The explosions of graphite as a symbol of dynamism
    -The fixie straps to have lateral support
    -The thermoformed sails encrusted with strings to representate points of tension.
    -Leaf for strength and lightness

  • The Sketches have focused on the graphical representation of support and the different aspects of formal potential.
  • The final is a shoe where foot is housed in a sail strap closes at the back by rubber part. This part communicates with the spring blade in purple, symbolizing dynamism.
    The Nike has been reworked to represent a badminton birdie.