• NICKELODEON Lightswitch

    The creative dept of Nickelodeon wanted us to refresh part of their on-air channel image. ‘Nickelodeon Lightswitch’ is an animation pack that includes: 15 live action bumpers, 15 toon bumpers and 4 channel ids on a multilingual platform.
    We had complete creative freedom to create these ids, from the original idea to the final execution, and performed some super funny ids based on two active concepts: 'BOUNCE' and 'PUMP UP'. Our aim was to make them realistic without losing the channel’s playful look. The result was 4 high-end ids with close-camera shots to express the textures and sound effects used. The ids were liked so much that they were licensed by Nickelodeon International for HD broadcasting worldwide.

    Produced for Nickelodeon / Client: Mtv Networks

    Original ideas & Concepts: HippieHouse

    Art & Creative direction: HippieHouse

    Art & Creative direction: Ignacio Sandoval, Chris O’Farrell

    3d development (modeling-texturing-lighting-rendering-cameras-animation): Dalmiro Buigues
    2d animation & storyboards: Ignacio Sandoval
    Foley sound artist: Ignacio Cantisano

    At Nickelodeon Latam

    Creative Director: Dardo Sauret

    Art director: Kelvin Osorio
    Producer: Soledad Pol


    All rights reserved © HIppieHouse 2006-2012