NICE Magazine - The Handmade Issue

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  • NICE Magazine - The Handmade Issue
    Graphic Design/Publishing
  • The seventh issue of NICE Magazine is inspired by the theme "Handmade" and showcases top-notch art, illustration, design, food and fashion, with a handcrafted or artisanal quality.

    Check it out here: 
  • Screen printed cover by Gordon Bakkes
  • Lino print by Arline Stoffberg
  • Embroidered cover by Catherine Green
  • Stitched cover and custom typography by Rowan Toselli

  • Feature on Canadian portrait painter Kris Knight
  • Delightful paper goods by Our Paper Shop
  • Illustration by jiiankuann
  • Tread artworks by Maria Aparicio Puentes
  • Awesome illustration by Jack Hudson
  • Spirit Animals by Julian Callos
  • The Little Veggie Patch packaging by Frank Aloi
  • Rowan Toselli's Ten Things
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