NHS Barnet Illustration
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Check yourself before you wreck yourself!
BU21 is a local information and confidential advice service directed at young people in the local community encouraging informed choices surrounding sexual health and behaviour. NHS Barnet contacted Socio to design a series of posters to promote sexual health awareness amongst young people. Following focused research we created a series of four posters to publicise four key areas of teen sexual health. These would clearly differentiate between different services but graphically present consistent messaging to emphasise the scope of the one-stop NHS resource. The graphics were also designed with outdoor advertising in mind with the consistent creative permitting easy local NHS brand recognition in and around the Borough of Barnet on bus stops and billboards. Communicating serious topics in a way that young people would notice was paramount to the success of the campaign and this was achieved by a distinctive illustrative style, colourful complementary elements and clear centralised text advertising each of the key messages.