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These unexpected, yet hard-core NFL fans proudly displayed their true colors in a 1992 campaign created to promote Team NFL licensed merchandise.
NFL Print Advertising
Team NFL Retail Apparel
These unexpectedcelebrities showing off their favorite NFL colors in a 1992 advertisingcampaign promoting Team NFL apparel were selected to appeal to a more casualsports fan. The ads below featuring Muhammad Ali, Milton Berle, KareemAbdul-Jabbar and Pete Sampras were effective in helping the league achieve itsgoal of expanding the NFL's appeal beyond its existing avid fan base. Othercelebrities in the campaign included Rachel Hunter, Kathy Ireland, OrelHirschiser, Martin Mull, Julie Brown and Gladys Knight. Burke’s efforts werethe first to aggressively brand a professional sport – more specifically toposition a pro-sport as a form of entertainment – long before becoming standardpractice among other pro leagues, networks, licensees and retailers.<span "color:=""
Bruce Burke: Creative Director, Victoria Eichinger: Art Director, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders: Photography
Muhammad Ali takes a jab as a NFL spokesperson for Team NFL branded apparel. "It's fun to be a team player. Even if you're the greatest all by yourself."
Uncle Miltie appeared in this ground breaking NFL campaign. Everybody loves the NFL, even the self-proclaimed inventor of television. "You didn't know I was an offensive co-ordinator? Just ask my wife."
NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sporting his Atlanta Falcons classic Team NFL Collection jacket. Incorporating unexpected celebrities like Kareem into the NFL's marketing efforts was an effective method to engage more people with the NFL brand.
Grand Slam tennis champ Pete Sampras, a long-time NY Giants fan, rounds out a diverse group of unexpected pitchmen in the NFL's ad campaign promoting its segmented line of branded apparel, Team NFL Collection. The campaign was one of many branding initiatives the NFL executed to promote its mission to broaden its fan base.