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Sticker design for the NFG blog :D
NFG Sticker
Sticker for promotion of the Nice Fucking Graphics! blog
Well, in the past months I was part of a staff that organize a congres here in my town, it calls "Creactivo" and in every year we invite famous and talented designers to show their work and talk a little bit about it, well, in the past edition I meet a great designer and also founder of the mexican design blog Nice Fucking Graphics! .. a.k.a. El Barbón, we talk a little bit, and in the past month he was doing some kind of Guerrilla MKT, asking designers to do a Stickers with the URL of the blog and putting the stickers everywhere, well, the dude invite me to do a version of the sticker with the thing that I love to do .. TYPE, haha heres the result, the stickers are cooking right now, I hope to see them all over the city :), Hope you like this guys and Thanks for watching....