NEXT 2013 - VI Constitution

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  • This book, created for my Capstone exhibit at the Corcoran School of Art + Design, is a deconstructed and reconstructed book written in Braille.  This is book is the Constitution of the United States of America and is now a Coptic Bound circular book sculpture.  
    Personally, I find it appalling that people who are blind are not allowed to touch some of the art work in the museums here in DC -- so I have created an entire exhibit that is intended to be "viewed" with the hands.  I intend to be merciful -- and will allow sighted people the opportunity to touch my books -- although I would prefer to have a sign that reads, "If you can see with your eyes then you may not touch with your hands!"  However -- that would not develop empathy in the hearts and minds of sighted people who take their "vision opportunites" for granted... so I am hopeful that after "feeling their way" through my exhibit, sighted individuals will have a new understanding of the importance of creating exhibits for the Vision Impaired.