NEXT 2013 - Reconstructed Book on Conservation Biology

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  • I deconstructed a Conservation Biology book from my undergraduate days at George Mason University.  Originally, I did this to create a fabulous Bookbox for a Box Elements class at the Corcoran School of Art + Design taught by Sarah Noreen Hurtt.  As time went by -- I could not bear to part with the notes and content of this book -- so I decided to reconstruct the interior in the form of book sculpture.  The circular format of the reconstructed book mirrors the shape of our planet Earth.  Where as the primarily black and white interior and cover reflects a moral conscience and sense of right and wrong choices we make in how we treat our environment.   I created five pop-up structures which represent biological awareness (Keystone species, Medicinal Botanicals, Captivity Breeding, Marine Pollution, and Illegal Harvesting).