NEW WORLD ORDER Annual Report 2010

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  • The font used to create the logotype is a varition of Invisible Color, designed by a young Thai designer Tarin Yuangtrakul.

    I decided to use this font because it is based on a triangular modules –which is the shape of the old Illuminati logo – and
    because it’s quite difficult to read, even if it’s very recognisable. The poor legibility of the logo works as a metaphor for the
    New World Order: it is everywhere, but you can’t understand it, it is in front of you but you need a deeper sight to spot it.

  • Box containing the Annual Report and the related materials of the NWO project.
  • Spreads from different chapters of the book.

    The NWO Annual Report 2010 is a B5 book with 200 pages.
  • Personal cards