NARWHAL SONG - Animated Feature

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  • NARWHAL SONG - Animated Feature
    (Written and Created by Baruch Inbar)
  • NARWHAL SONG, is an original CGI animated feature that BARUCH INBAR have written and created.

    A modern fairy tale, NARWHAL SONG,  follows a young boy, caught up in his dreams and fantasiesuntil an evil toy - maker threatens to unleash an army of dangerous robots ontheir small town.  When all else fails, our young hero finds that truestrength lies not in muscles and weapons but in creativity, andintelligence.  He creates an army of wooden vikings and beautifully carvedlongboats to defeat the toymaker, save his family, the girl he loves, and,indeed, the entire town.
    Set in a breathtakingkly unique and picturesque setting,this wildly creative and inspirational story is certain to become a cinematicland-mark, and a classic for generations to come.