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  • NARCOTIC SALE demonstrates how a single short word could work a veritable mass hypnosis. SALE has become the clarion call for the youth-conscious, dynamic and globally aware person of today. It incites a craving for material possessions and makes of responsible customers, compulsive and insatiable consumers. The days when we went shopping primarily to fulfill the family’s basic needs are a thing of the past. Now we shop till we drop. Shopping has become an event – an end in itself, an intoxicating leisure activity. The motifs of this photo sequence give food for thought and encourage us to examine our own consumer behavior. Are we still self-determined customers or already long since remote-controlled consumers? Shouldn’t we sooner limit our wants to bare essentials? We cannot go on ignoring social and environmental sustainability in the long term without suffering the grim consequences such heedlessness brings.

    You will find the complete photo sequence and further details on the website which has an English-language mirror.