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  • A garage is a man's true kingdom.
    But unfortunately it gets cluttered with other family members’ stuff.
  • Context:
    Our client, NAPA Auto Parts, offers DIYers over 350,000 tools, parts and accessories as well as expert advice and tips.
    Position NAPA Auto Parts as the reference for male DIYers and amateur mechanics.
    A DIYer’s garage is his kingdom, it is the only place in the house where he rules, even though it is often cluttered with boxes and stuff from other family members. By exploiting this insight in our print ad, we positionned the brand as an ally for DIYers. It shows that we understand them, and we encourage them to reclaim their rightful kingdom by offering them everything they need to turn their garage into a true DIY palace.
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  • Client: NAPA Autoparts
    Marketing Director: Danielle Tardif
    Agency: BCP
    VP and creative Director: Étienne Bastien
    Co-Creative director: Jonathan Rouxel
    AD: Nicolas Baillargeon
    CW: Dom Bulmer
    Illustrator: Chase Stone
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