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University brand identity project.
NAD Design
Brand Identity
Concept for a progressive and cutting-edge design agency whose services are specialized in the field of INTERACTION DESIGN. NAD Design seeks to enhance our relationship as humans with design: instead of dictating the latter, we turn it into an interactive two-sided relationship which might, with time, progress and evolve to have a number of significant outcomes. Our relationship with objects and spaces
is one that has much impact on our lives. The work at NAD Design is driven by analyzing and observing society,
its different groups and associated behaviors. That is why research and data visualization are a dominant tool. Services include site-specific & interactive digital installations; motion graphics for live concerts;
content for mobile & broadcast; web design and infographics.

Branding Style:
Graphics & imagery are based on NAD's creative approach as well as its dominant tools: SPACE (captured through photography) & DATA VISUALIZATION.
Brand Manual spread with transparent paper.
Brand Manual spread with transparent paper and foldout poster. 
Brand Manual spread with transparent paper.
Brand Manual cover
Business Cards
DL and C4 envelopes
4 panel accordion brochure (front)
4 panel accordion brochure (back)
Web page
Perforated postcards (tearable) — Promotional
A4 Folder
Folded Brand Manual — Promotional