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  • MySpace +ID   (interface design)

    That's an personal project. (inspired by Barthon Smith's Facebook Facelift)

    "What if MySpace had an more clear, defined and beautiful interface by default, but still with the option to personalize it, but in a more comprehensible way?" That's the question I made myself when starting this, and it came out to be a cool project. Besides the visual design, I proposed some usability improvements, based on content that is already on the site, and looking at their sitemap.

    It is in portuguese, but I'm translating it to english and I'll update the images here soon.

    Hope you like it!

    - by Rafael Oliveira
  • Home (logged user)
  • There are two horizontal menus on the top: one in the header, that shows the main features of MySpace, and another right below the header, that is the user menu, that contains the most relevant itens for users to navigate through their content, it stands in that position in every page.

    In the left there's the private user menu, that appears only in the home page, it contains links to some features like agenda, bookmarks, playlists and personal files.
  • Detail
  • Home (channels menu opened)
  • Detail
  • Profile (pictures selected)
  • Friends can see your playlists on the left side. The photos of the albums are displayed mixed, but if you select an album, the photos are filtered by selection.
  • Detail
  • Customized profile
  • Artist page (default structure)
  • Detail
  • Totally customized page (artist)
    If the user wants to fully customize its page, the user menu stays fixed in the topbar, separating MySpace identity from the full customized layout, so the id. and logo is not affected by user's custom interface or coding.
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