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Logo design for new makeup artistry company.
My PeakUp Shop is a new company dedicated to make up artistry.  The concept for the logo stems from the idea that they deal with make up.  Since the hair is not really makeup I decided to just depict the eyebrows, eyeis and lips.  As for the font choice I chose a font that thin and modern, and common in make up logos.  As for the shop font I chose a font that resembles lipstick writing as I thought this would be most appropiate for this logo.  Also,  the face in the logo is based on the clients daughter's features although not exact it resembles her closely which is what the client had asked for.
"Final Logo Design"  I started wtith a photo of the client's daughter,  and removed all the excess so that I would only capture her essence.  Later I simplified further and reddened the lips to give it a sort of pop feel, but still retain the idea of make up.
"Spec Sheet of fonts and colors used"
In the future they plan to have the logo on their website and on tshirts.