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  • MyGirl App for iPhone and iPod
    In this project I designed, filmed, illustrated and produced the epic application "MyGirl".
    MyGirl is a unique app which introduced the on the AppStore. The application consist dozens of filmed scenes of a female model in many different clothing, where the user interact with MyGirl and see how she responds. You can give her a massage, tickle her, blow on her hair, shake her, or give her presents, goodies and much more - including secret scenes.
    On Sep' 2009 Apple has decided to remove MyGirl from the AppStore because they claimed that it was too sexy for their publishing restrictions.
    *** Note: MyGirl App is NOT a pornographic or erotic application - the top model in the app is dressed with a bikini at the maximum "exposure" level and not showing any nude genitals. Please consider this app as an entertainment app for +18 ages. The idea was also to create "MyMan" for the ladies, but because Apple has removed the first app there was no point to continue with the production.
    During the time that MyGirl was available, it became a huge sucess with tens of thusands paid downloads.
    "So realistic that we started to have feelings for it …"
    "Want a hot girlfriend in your pocket?...MyGirl is currently the cream of the crop"..."MyGirl is a charming, fun and playful iPhone app and well worth the money"
    "..the hottest and I mean the hottest girl in the AppStore to be your girlfriend"..."..This is such a HOT application and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!"