My world in Black & White - Architecture

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  • Entrance to Taj Mahal.

    No matter how many times you enter this door, each time you would miss a beat on the sight that awaits you - the glimmering Taj Mahal.
  • A man reading Quran under a portico at Taj Mahal
  • The white marble structure reflecting light seems brilliant in the afternoon sun. 

    A side view of the monument
  • Thousands visit the historical monument despite scorching, dry heat. 

    A view of the main entrance from the Taj end.
  • The center pillar of the Diwan -e - Khas darbar.

    Just like the present day Board of Directors, the Mughal emperor Akbar had a group of his advisors, - the most treasured courtiers referred as 'Nav Ratans' ( nine gems). Diwan - e - Khas was the chamber where they conferred on matters of socio-political importance.