(two thousand / twelve)

    Acid Jazz currently consists of seven weights:
    light & light italic | regular & regular italic | bold & bold italic | serif.

    I created it during my six months practical training in an agency in Frankfurt a.M.
    It was my first contact with FontLab and the whole subject of creating an own typeface
    - what an exciting world of its own!
    Have a look - and hopefully leave a comment - at my very first attempts!
    Thank you!
  •  ... how the whole project started. Lots of inspiration, scribbles and - for sure - coffee!
  •  Shoulder to shoulder with FontLab.
  • lovely kerning ...
  •  Love to scribble on my test prints ;-) Here you can see some of the ligatures I created for my font. I also made some alternate glyphs, e.g. for ä, ü & ö.
  •  Let's start with the most uncommon weight of my font: Acid Jazz italic. It's 13 degrees slanted to the left. (13 is my lucky number ;-) )
  •  Some of the glyphs, which can be found in every weight of my font. E.g. common additional characters, fractures and old-style figures.
  •  follow him...
  •  Hello!
  •  self-explanatory.
  •  et voilà.
  •  Thank you  for having a look at my new project
     - which is not finished yet for sure.