My Virtual Make-Over Experience 2012

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  • After uploading a picture of myself into a leading cosmetics company's online virtual make-over program, I gave myself a virtual make-over using their tools for applying cosmetics from a large selection of products. The top picture is the result, although I added the 1980s inspired border.
    I then played around with the exposure tools and the bottom result was so entertaining I had to add it to my portfolio.
    Here I am the model, the photographer, the online virtual make-over program my artist's tool, Windows Paint my framing tool, and Window's Live my editing software.
    I'm fairly certain I do not own the rights to my picture from the virtual make-over and so I am sharing this without any claims to rights other than being the model and photographer of the original image and hold no responsibility if it is distributed or misinterpreted. I do not endorse the company whose virtual make-over game I used, but if anyone would like that information please contact me.