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My Muse - Bailey K gets her start in modeling
My Muse
Local girl finds me on FB, and a transformation begins
Early this spring, a young lady from my home town started following me on Facebook. She commented on several images, "liked" a bunch more, and as time went on, she asked me to help with a project for her senior year final project.

One day after the very large "Every 15 Minutes" crash re-enactment project, I saw she posted an image of her soon-to-be prom gown. She was elated with her find, and I immediately had visions of a prom dress catalog fashion shoot - and she would be the star of the project.

Thankfully both she and her mom loved the idea, so we set a date to shoot.

The week after prom, they came to the studio and we started to prepare for the shoot. Of course I was curious how prom went, and it turns out her date was a two-timing punk that was cheating on this poor beautiful soul. So she gathered up her girl friends and had a blast boy-free at their senior prom.

The following images we promptly posted on Facebook as bitter biting revenge. The poor sap not only missed out on the gift of having this stunning young lady on his arm, but he also lost out on a remarkable spirit that is Bailey K.
The following shots, are what came of that first shoot. We have worked together several times now on various projects. Last week, she even came along on a fashion spread involving Louis Vuitton and Coach purses. She was thrilled to be involved in a shoot not focused on her. But the best part of the night was when we saw the faces of the photo team. When she walked in, they were looking at her as if she was a person they should know, but couldn't place the name and face.

It turns out that every last one of the people involved in the shoot had seen miss Bailey progress through our shoots, and they knew her as Bailey from Tim's shoots. She was dumbfounded and utterly elated that she had so many people that knew her - and admired her. What a joy to bring that kind of life to young people just getting started in their adult world.