My First Snow!!!

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  • My First Snow!!!
    By Šyva

  • Hello! My name is Šyva (Shewa).
    I am small - but strong! My eyes are little - but they have deep inside.
    I don't grow any more - but I can raise up your smile :)

    There was my first winter when I woke up in that morning.
    I slowly opened my eyes, at first I thought that still dreaming about
    those little snails in the yard whose snores terribly...
    Finaly pass throught my eyes
    and a lot of white Thing striked to my spirit.
    What is This thing? Should I say Hello?

    Slowly I decided to walk over and start coversation...
    Want to join?

  • So! How it was? Thanks for amazing adventure!!! 
    Was very nice to meet Mr. Snow with You :)*