• My Artistic Brain
    Not Even Close to a Update
  • This as far from a update that im working on.
    Something ive managed to mess around with on this computer that is not really very good at all :P

    Well this is more of a conceptual piece, personal as well.

    It might not make sense but ill try explain to you in the most colourful way.

    You coud call it a abstract piece because it looks like one but its a representation of the way myself as a artist seems to be growing.

    The blue/purple/cyan "shapes" of the piece are what i see as a growth in my artistic journey if you could call it that.

    Ive been keeping myself busy with drawing and painting so im sure that would be "highlighted" as the growth.
    The other colourful areas well thats just the rest of the brain haha.

    Weird to explain but im sure you get what it is.

    I havent really done much digital work since ive been in the UK because of the crappy computer im using, it is so painful trying to make something when the computer only has 512mb's of ram but on the bright side it has given me alot of time to draw and paint, check out all the places over here and its been seriously fun.

    I can promise the next time i upload a new project it will be more of a illustration type of work from doodles to alot of detailed lined out to death pieces.

    I was sitting outside in the sun earlier and was just drawing something that turned into a nice looking piece
    wich im hoping can be added to the massive update im working on, as well as a blog for myself that is purely dedicated to everything hand drawn painted folded wrapped broken etc :D

    I hope everyone is keeping well and ill try not turn this into a journal :P
  • MY artistic brain.
  • My artistic mind is really colourful

    I dont own this image or claim to be the owner
    This was used purely as to explain a simple concept.