My 1965 FORD F100 Red Truck

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  • Christina & Red Truck
  • Spring has Sprung 2013
  • Picking up 2500 HEALDSBURG GALLERY GUIDES at the printer.
  • My son Joel and RED TRUCK 2012
  • My only mode of transportation is a 1965 FORD F100 pick up truck. My Red Truck. I took this photo with my iPhone after walking out of the service station convenience store. The vision was so striking... I was able to lie down on my stomach in the bushes to get this shot. A hint of photoshop Diffuse Glow & Grain and "VIOLA!".

    The following are photos I have taken of my truck or from inside the cabin.
  • My Red Truck

  • A little Brightness & Contrast & Texture.
  •  Sketching in the vineyard for a client.
  • Found a friend one day and parked next to her.
  • She's laughing because we're driving the same truck and I'm waving my iPhone at her.
  • This is Felix the llama. He lives at the winery where I live. This scene is right out my front door.
  • Both stopped at a stop light. I think this is his bike and his home.
  • Vespa.
  • Bicycle.

    (I was having an art exhibit at this winery in their gardens)
  • Bourget.
  • Abandoned Van.
  • Parked next to my client's Maserati.
  • Sunlight at noon coming straight down.
  • Shadow at parking plumb-line.
  • I designed the Truett Hurst logo so I parked by it.
  • Joe Fay. Great Painter and Artist.
  • Visiting client. Old Vine Zinfandel.
  • Where I park at my garage apartment. In wine country.
  • Home.
  • Art.
  • Sketching in vineyards in winter.
  • 111,111.1 miles and 46 years old.
  • At Nalle Vineyards. Client of 25+ years.
  • Hoildays.
  • Standing Leaf.
  • I'm moving fast when I take these. In some you can see me holding up my iPhone.
  • People always honk and wave to the RED TRUCK!
    (every day!)
  • Hey Mister! Would you take a photo of us in your RED TRUCK?
  • I was waiting for a friend to pick me up in front of my gallery. I did a quick
    10-minute sketch, then photo-shopped some spot colors.
    The computer is an extension of drawing for me.

    Just another utensil.

    Thanks for touring with me & My Red Truck.

    I hope there was enough artistry in this ride for your indulgence.