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The first part of a series I plan to create based on aspects of life.
Musings of The Mind: Wisdom

What is wisdom? Is it the ability to comprehend that which is hidden from others? Is it the ability to see past illusions or tricks? Or, is it the paradoxical ability to understand something that makes no logical sense at all? Perhaps it is a combination of all these things. Wisdom is timeless. It has become a virtue and ability that men and women strive to achieve before their life burns out. It has remained a timeless aspect of the human condition. It has proven that it is both valuable and needed in human society; why else would it have remained scattered throughout various legends and myths from ancient cultures? It is simply wise to be wise. It might not be a natural ability, but it should be worked into the spirit of a person and earned through both successes and failures. Successes to evaluate what one has done right, and failures to evaluate what one has done wrongly so they will not happen again. It is wise to identify a problem and fix it than do nothing at all. In addition, it is wise to learn from others' mistakes. To identify how to more successfully accomplish a task through thought than needlessly rushing into it is also wise. But at the same time, couldn't the conclusion be made that spending to much time over analyzing the task at hand and wasting one's valuable time be considered unwise? The balance of consuming one's time for thinking and using one's time for action is a very hard thing to accomplish. The wise would wonder if it's even possible; the wiser would wonder if the wise takes up too much time musing on how to be wise.