• Musikkens Hus (House of Music, Aalborg)
    A dynamic visual identity
  • Musikkens Hus is to open in Aalborg, Denmark in 2013. It's going to be an iconic building (by Coop Himmelb(l)au) that will house the Aalborg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Music Conservatory of Aalborg as well as the Institute of Music of Aalborg University. On top of that, Musikkens Hus will house four different concert halls.
    After interviewing a lot of the future users of the house I found out that they didn't really care that much about the fancy architecture, what they cared about was the music that was to be played in the house. 
    So I came to the conclusion that what the visual identity should be about what all of the users had in common: they loved music.
    All kinds of music was intended to be played in the house, so I wanted the identity to focus on music in general. Inspired by the way nodes jump about on a node sheet I made a dynamic logo and a typographic system to match that was inspired by this. The result is a visual identity that is dynamic and ever changeable, just like the building itself. It's also a visual identity in which the design itself takes the place of the logo.
    Pictures on program, posters as well as some on website from Nikolaj Lund http://www.nikolajlund.com/Musikkens Hus is a self-chosen school project at the Danish School of Media.
  • Logo generator
    The dynamic logo gives opportunity to create a new logo each time. 
  • Posters¬†
  • Summer program
  • Website
    A relatively simple website with focus on poster-inspired pictures.