Musics by Michal Zygmunt

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  • Muzyki (Musics) by Michal Zygmunt

    Muzyki (Musics) by Michał Zygmunt
    A documentary film by Aga Gonczarek and Patryk Kizny
  • Synopsis

    Muzyki (Musics) is a creative documentary about the stimulative process of making music, materialized in an artistic collaboration of the musician Michał Zygmunt and filmmakers Aga Gonczarek & Patryk Kizny. It explores the inspirations, the quest for one’s roots, the artistic meetings and the musical journey into the unknown, which all lead to the creation of a unique music album and a series of exceptional live music performances. It reveals a modern interpretation of Polish roots culture by means of music and imagery.

    The main characters are three artists: a contemporary Polish musician, Michał Zygmunt, a Swiss music producer, Roli Mosimann and a Polish folk musician of older generation, Zdzisław Jamborski, that have learnt to to read the score late in his life. Each of these characters tells his own story, shares his fascination for the music and brings his own unique attitude and personal charisma to the recording studio, influencing the work on the album. Each of them has different goals and spreads different message.

    The contemporary musician seeks for his own roots and traces the history of his family. He collects the fragments of pre-war folk songs and tunes, sung and played by the local people who had lived in his region before the World War II. His journey to the past becomes even more intense when he starts collecting old pre-war photographs showing local people’s ordinary day-to-day life. Overwhelmed by many intense feelings, he enters the recording studio with the aim to transform his emotions into the modern musical expression with respects to the generations of the past, and to pave the new musical path in his artistic life. In this process, the instrument becomes his voice.

    The music producer seeks for the perfect sound, that makes the album unique, and is fully concentrated on squeezing the most out of the qualities of the studio and the time remained for recording. His perspective is a more general one, as he strives to find the common baseline for every kind of music that he happens to work on. His adventure with the folk music means picking up some interesting aspects of that music, the aspects that actually define its nature, understanding them deeply and translating them into a brand new, modern sound or effect. The studio is his instrument.

    The old folk musician is the only person in the studio who was accompanied by the folk music throughout his whole life. He has preserved the skills of playing the folk tunes in a pure, authentic manner. For him, playing in the recording studio means living the trace of his professional life as a musician for new generations of listeners. It’s a crowning of musical life for him, a proof that younger people still care about the tradition and the qualities of old melodies.

    Those three different perspectives build up an interesting story about the multidimensional meaning of music and leave the audience with numerous unanswered questions about the old world that passed away and contemporary human condition.

  • Credits

    All music written and performed by Michał Zygmunt
    Music produced by Port Bankok Music

    Michał Zygmunt
    Roli Mosimann
    Zdzisław Jamborski
    Łukasz Twarkowski (Off-screen voice)
    Janek Busse
    Ewa Dobrołowicz
    Iwona Litarska

    Production: LookyCreative

    Aga Gonczarek & Patryk Kizny

    Aga Gonczarek & Patryk Kizny

    Aga Gonczarek

    Color Grading:
    Patryk Kizny

    Sound Mixing:
    Ignacy Gruszczyński
    Marcin Bors

    Sound FX:
    Mateusz Zdziebko

    Makeup / Stylist:
    Beata Urbańska

    Translation consultant:
    Joanna Sicichowska

    Archival photographs courtesy of:
    Tomasz Wiśniewski (,
    Michalowo Niezabudka Film and Old Photography Workshop
    The Ethnographic Museum of Wrocław

    Special thanks to:
    Saraswati Studio, Centrum Sztuki Impart, DitoGear™, ERKA Film, Ewa Dobrołowicz, Iwona Litarska, Maja Lewicka, Paweł Szazza Gorczyca

    Copyright © LookyCreative
    All rights reserved

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